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Messier 5

April - May 2014

This project (along with the first part of the Virgo Cluster and M51 in H alpha) was the first project after the long delays due to the 2013 equipment upgrade.

Messier 5 is a bright, large Globular cluster in  Serpens Caput. It lies just two degrees north of the equator.  It sports a collection of red giants which the image below clearly shows.

This is a NB4Stars project.  Instead of using LRGB filters I use two Stromgren filters (V and Y) and a special 20nm Hydrogen Alpha filter.

M5 in NB4Stars
click for a 1/2 frame image

Annotated Image

The image below is 1/2 frame of the camera.  The markings on the stars are the B-V values.  These can be used to determine whither I got the colors correct.

Since this is outside the plane of the Milky Way many dim galaxies were also captured in the picture.  This links to a second annotated image that shows all of the galaxies captured in the frame.


Map of M5

Processing Details

The images were processed with PixInsight.

16 x 900
16 x 900
Ha20 (20nm H alpha)
13 x 900

The color correction for this image was based on a G2V star 

Since that led to the Blue in bright stars being blown out  I did an additional step of limiting the Blue channel

B = min ( G * 1.5, B)

This limited the amount of B in bright stars to a reasonable level.

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