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Sharpless 119

September 2015

The Sharpless 119 is a bright nebula just out of the field of view of the North American Nebula (NGC 7000). Unlike the  North American I decided to shoot this in the conventional Hubble Pallet.  It is mostly Hydrogen with only small amounts of Oxygen and Sulfur.  That made processing a challenge since increasing the relative contributions of these tried to make the stars in those filters expand.  Careful use of masks during processing was critical to get the final image.

SHO palatte

The processing of these images was greatly influenced by the 2014 Katonah NY Pixinsight workshop.  Applying what I learned in Katonah gives an image that is much richer in color.  Without the color processing Green (Hydrogen) would dominate the image. The rich colors in the center of the nebula become apparent in the more balanced image.  It should be noted that the final image no longer represents the amounts of the three elements.  It does make it easier to see the distribution of them.

Area Map of SH119
Note North American is marked as SH117 in this map

Local area of SH119

Annotated Image

Annotated Image of SH 119

Zoomable Image in SHO

The full size image is just under 4096x4096.  The following will allow the reader to zoom into the image to explore it more closely.


Processing Details

Data was collected in September 2015 at -25C.  Amazingly this is the first narrowband project to complete within one month. The 1100AE was self guiding through all exposures.

Hydrogen 17x900
Oxygen 18x900
Sulfur 21x900

All images were processed by Pixinsight. 

For general details on the processing of this image see.

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