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Messier 33

This photo of Messier 33 was taken on 11/28 and 12/1 2010.  It consists of  23 exposures of ten minutes each.  Processing was done with PixInsight . Unlike the M1 image I did at the begining of November this was entirely processed by PixInsight including the calibration.

This was the first image taken with the SBig 8300M camera.  It was unfiltered in city lights, but M33 was above 60º during both sessions.  The camera was cooled to -25C.

M33 reduced to 800x600
Click Image for a Bin 2x2 (2.4"/pixel) JPEG

SkyTools Map
SkyTools Map superimposed on my image
Star Intensities are shown to magnitude 10 (not including decimal point)

Here is the same image as a PNG.  This is the full resolution image (1.2"/pixel)

Since the full resolution image is rather large, here are full resolution closeups of two areas of the image

M33 Central region
Full Resolution central region and NGC 604
M33 arms
Arms south of central region

One of the challenges is with the 900mm Orion ED-100, the pixel scale winds up under 2"/pixel so normal seeing might be a problem.  Fortunately the sky was rather steady both nights.  In the latter case that was amazing because a weather system was moving in and the forecast was for clouds.

Processing details

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