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M 106

May - June 2012

Messier 106 is in Canes Venatici near the bowl of the Big Dipper.  I started this late in the season. Consequently I did not have enough time to get enough H alpha data or any color data.  Fortunately I some spectacular nights furnished me enough L data.  As a result I formed a "color" image by adding H data to the L data.  Thus we have white stars but the star forming regions are still highlighted.

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NGC 4217

NGC 4217

Synthetic color image of M106
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M106 Vicinity L+H

M106 in H alpha

H alpha



Annotated Map

The area around M 106  is rich in other small galaxies.   The thumbnail only shows the brightest.   Click the image below to see the identified PGC galaxies.

M106 map 1

Processing Details



The images were processed with PixInsight.  The H alpha signal was added to linear L data using the Vicent Peris Method.  The L data was then used for the G and B channels as well as L. The resulting RGB image was used as Chrominance to the original L image.

Area Map of M 106

This shows the location of the two galaxies at 2300 PDT on May 5. Click for a larger image.

Area Map

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