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Heart and Soul Nebulas

August - October 2012 (in progress)

area map
The Heart and Soul Nebulas (Sharpless 190 and 199 respectively) are located on the border between Cassiopeia and Perseus.  I tried looking for these visually but was never successful; however, Steve Gottlieb was able to locate the Heart.  These are a popular photographic targets since they both have bright returns in all three of the normal narrowband filters.

I started on the Soul in August as a filler project when my summer target SH108 moved out of my imaging horizon before sunrise.  When I saw my results I was impressed by the beauty and detail of the nebula.  As of this writing (end of October) the Soul is finished.  All of the Hydrogen data and 1/2 of the Sulfur data is collected on the Heart. The Oxygen data remains to be completed this Fall.

H alpha Mosaic

This is a zoomable image of the Heart and Soul.

Soul in Hubble Colors

This is an image of just the Soul using the Hubble Palette

Soul Nebula in
                Hubble Palette
click for a full size image

Hubble Palette

Annotated Image

Thumb Annotated Image of Heart and

Processing Details

Mosaic Plan small
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The images were processed with PixInsight.

One of the things I did different this time is to set my initial collection goal at 32 images instead of 50.  I seemed to get an acceptable final product.  Thus I will use this as the collection threshold in the future. 

H1 is only used to link the Soul with the Heart.

I was more aggressive on tuning the colors this time using saturation and channel specific stretching

27 x 900

36 x 900

39 x 900

7 x 900
36 x 900
31 x 900
30 x 900

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