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Sharpless 274

Dec 2011- February 2012

Sharpless 274 is a planetary nebula in Gemini.  It is cataloged also as Abell 21. It does not have either an NGC or IC number.   According to Wikipedia its common name is the Medusa Nebula and is a planetary nebula.

I began capturing data in the beginning of December 2011 (mostly after 2AM PST).  Initially I started imaging this to give the scope something to do after it finished the Horsehead Mosaic.  As I started collecting data I came to decide that this was an interesting, if obscure, object in its own right.

The images below show the object in the CFHT and Hubble Palettes.  The two images are the same data. The Hubble image is remapped from the CFHT image.

Click on the images below for a full size image.

Sharpless 274 in SHO (Hubble Palette)
in Hubble Palette (SHO)

Hubble Palette

alternative stretch
SH274 in HOS (CFHT Palette) 
in CFHT palette (HOS)


alternative stretch

Processing Details


Of course this is only what met the image quality standards.  I probably took between 10 and 20% more images than shown above.  The images were processed with PixInsight.

Click on the image below for a full size image

SH274 H
SH274 O
SH274 Sulfur

Map of SH 274

Map of SH274

The nebula is marked by the square above. It is located in Gemini about 1/2 between Leo and Orion.

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