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Double Cluster (NGC 884 and 869)

Jan 2013

The Double Cluster are two open clusters on the border between Perseus and Cassiopeia.  This image was taken using the Narrowband for Stars Technique with (V,Y, and NIR).  See the link for more information.

                Cluster in V, Y, NIR
click for a full size (9"/pixel) image

Annotated Map

                  Cluster Annotated
click for full size image

Processing Details

Due to weather and the season I could only collect a limited number of images.  Fortunately the object is bright (which requires less stretching) and the weather was cold so my camera could run fairly cool.

Strömgren sV
600s x 20
Strömgren sYel
600s x 12
600s x 8

That is only part of the story.  As described in the NB4Stars page, the raw images have to be combined to form an RGB image.  I used the following expressions in PixInsight PixelMath.

RED = "NIR_600x8*.33+sYel_600x12*.2";
GREEN = "sYel_600x12";
BLUE = "sV_600x20+sYel_600x12*.25";

From that point it was just normal processing.  Since these were just stars I chose to not aggressively stretch the final image.

Area Map of Double Cluster

LT area mapareamap
Area Map
9 PM Jan 2

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